What You Need To Know About Cycling Clothing?

Cycling is very beneficial for them who want to lose their weight and tone their body muscle. This recreational activity helps people in getting a healthy heart.

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Cycling is a cardiovascular activity which not only help people in burning fat and cholesterol but also a very good means of conveyance to save money, time as well as fuel. This is a very popular sport.

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There are variety of cycling clothing and accessories available in the marketplace that people wear during cycling. The most common accessories used by cyclists are helmets and gloves which are enough for their security when they are out on the road. Actually wearing a helmet is mandatory for people in many countries when they do cycling. They are not allowed to participate in any bicycle races or competitions without wearing the helmet. So for complete protection most of the cyclists prefer to wear excellent quality helmets while participating in any bicycle race.

Jek Sports offer a variety design of Cycle clothing with different eye catching colors and designs.


Cycling Clothing Can Keep You Secure and Warm

Bike jerseys come in all different shapes, colors, sizes and styles.But the fact that here is particular riding a bike outfits indicates that it has a certain objective and advantage to the person dressed in them and is not just a design product. Some of the riding a bike outfits available are stylish but this is not the primary purpose for dressed in. Cycling, whether it is town riding a bike or off-road, provides some risks and the right outfits can help to secure bikers while out on a drive. It considers very important the design of riding a bike that you will be challenged and then make up your mind on which riding a bike items would be of advantage to you.

Some people are just relaxing in primary T-shirt, but many expert bikers find that customized bike tops are just amazing in maintaining them relaxed while driving. They are usually made of cotton, or micro-fiber which allows them to pull wetness away from one’s human body and make water loss simpler.

But the benefits of dressed in professional riding a bike outfits come in the included safety and protection.  First of all, if you are riding a bike for a long-distance, seated on the seat can become unpleasant after a while. Jek Sports  provide cushioning to take some of the stress off the motorcyclist and assisting them to enjoy the trip. Similarly, knee-pads and incident headgear are essential to reduce the damage if a car incident does happen when riding a bike. Looking after yourself on the street is essential for every motorcyclist and dressed in safety outfits can make a big difference in remaining safe.

Wearing the suitable cycling clothing Jek Sports will help you not only take pleasure in riding your bike but also ensure you are safe and secure.

Why Should A Casual Cyclist Wear Custom Cycling Jerseys?

We all know that custom cycling jerseys give better performance than regular bike jerseys. While using them, a cyclist normally can be able to ride faster. Here a question may arise in your mind that apart from the performance factor, if there is any other benefits of wearing custom jerseys. Why should a casual cyclist prefer this?

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I must say here, there are many benefits a cyclist can gain if he or she wears this kind of jerseys apart from performance factor.

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Benefits apart from the performance factor:-

For any cyclist, the important factors are comfort and enjoyment. These are two main factors riders experience during cycling. Where there is comfort, there is enjoyment. You will enjoy more your ride if you are comfortable and if you are enjoying your ride then, definitely you are much more comfortable.


The custom cycle jerseys also properly fit to the body. Therefore, bicyclist never faces a situation like the exposure of their body if the clothes fly upward or situation like clothes flapping in the wind. Apart from these, the flexible material allows free motion of the body.

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Besides, it keeps the body dry and warm in cold weather. It also helps in keeping the body cool in hot conditions as it has the ability to draw sweat away from the body. A proper ventilation of air can be maintained through these specially designed cycling jerseys. These have greater advantages over ordinary clothing in various weather conditions.However, the most important benefit of this jersey is the ability to provide protection against injury.

Many cyclists prefer to pick an ordinary shirt instead of the cycling shirts when going on a ride. There are many great reasons to a wear a cycling jersey. They not only help keep you dry during exertion but they could capable of saving your life.

Custom bicycle jerseys make a cyclist much more comfortable. Whether you are a professional or a casual cyclist, you cannot ignore the importance of having the right type of cycling clothing.

Get The Correct Custom Bicycle Uniform

One of the best feeling as a cyclist is putting off your jersey to celebrate your victory. Many racers claim that it gives them a sense of pride. If you are a bicycle rider wondering a custom design on your jersey for showing it as a symbol of your own, or your team, then consider to create a custom bicycle jersey today.

Bicycle uniform not only represents you or your team, it also gives you the comfort feeling. Therefore, as an individual cyclist, make sure you have chosen the most suitable jersey for the play. In this article, I have discussed few points, which will help you to choose the right bicycle uniform.

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Tips and Guidelines –

  • Quality: The basic primary thing about picking bicycle shirts is the quality. Even though a bicyclist is not supposed to be in a ramp walk, still it is important to get the best results. For instance – quality jersey is responsible for giving you more productivity, make you feel more focused toward performance only.

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  • Martial: Every cycling jersey should be made of breathable, wicks and dampness free materials. Wicking fabric absorbs sweat and moisture from your skin and releases it into the air. Breathable fabric keeps the air circulation within it, which eventually can help you to maintain your body’s temperature keeping yourself cool even though the climate is warm. Cycling jerseys are often made with polyester materials. You can make your selection to polyester sports jerseys to get all these benefits discussed here.

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  • Fitting: Bicycle jersey should not be too tightly fitted or exceptionally loose. It should be perfectly fitting to give you proper movement in the game. If it is too tight, it will not bring comfort to you and if it too loose, chances are there you may tangle yourself in. Thus, the primary reason is that you should find a jersey that fits you rightly.
  • Design: Once you are done with all the discussed points above, make sure you have planned something unique and cool design that will represent you or your team on the game. Bicycle uniforms give identity to a team or an individual. If you want to carry your personal identity in the game, then choose a design and place an order for custom uniform.  Typically, you have two independent choices; you can either prefer a pre-made design, or can make your own custom bicycle jersey for the game.

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Cycling shirts, or cycling tops, are unique tops created for cycling and is one of the most important cycling equipment along with cycling bermuda, cycling hats, cycling safety gloves and cycling footwear. Many bikers all over the world use informal outfits while cycling, such as t-shirts, sweat shirts, effective trousers or bermuda. However, expert bikers and bikers who are serious about this activities choose specific tops created for cycling because of its benefits.

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One of the main characteristics of cycling shirts are their long cuts in the back. The back of of biking shirts are cut long so that the cyclist can be comfortable in bent-over position. Some also have pockets. These pockets are located on the back. Zipper is another part of these shirts. A cyclist, when he is hot, opens up his jersey using this zipper so he can cool down. In order to decrease the air resistance, tight-fit  shirts are preferred by serious cyclists. Cycling jerseys must be tight-fit but they must let your body breathe at the same time. They must be able to draw the sweat off a cyclist’s skin. Lightweight, seamwork, comfort, sleek design and durability are some of the main factors that make a shirt a good one.

How to buy Bicycle Jersey as a gift

Buying present for birthdays, charismas can be tricky especially for your best friend, who is everything to you. Sometimes it is also possible that you run out of ideas. Hence, the best way to find the most appropriate gift for someone is to get to know the favorite sport he likes. So that you can purchase something related to that to make him happy.  If your friend is having interest toward cycling, better you buy him bicycle jersey as a gift.

The first important thing is to find out the jersey type. It is important to check whether the jersey could resist heat or not. Moreover, also find a stretchable material while making a selection. Jerseys have wide varieties of designs and colors and you can buy any of it either from online stores or any offline retails.

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Once you confirm your choice, now you can make sure about the size. Unlike basketball jersey, bicycle jersey needs to be in perfect in size and should not be too loose. It is important because it avoids too much friction.

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So friend, this is the tip to find a perfect present for your best friend. If your friend is a sports person, often love cycling, then what else could be a perfect gift than a bicycle jersey! Well, nothing could more excite him than cycling jerseys. So go for it if you know, he will love it.

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You can also personalize the jersey by placing name and his favorite number. It is best to customize the jersey using reflector zed paint for the name and number, so that he can use it at the night, and be safe on the road. You can even do various additional things to customize the jersey.

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Once you have done with every bit of your customization. You can eventually wrap it with a gift-wrapping paper and present it to your friend on his birthday. This way, you can present a suitable gift to your friend.

Custom Cycling Jersey is most ideal choice as a gift item, if your friend, who you are presenting it, is a bicycle rider. Because many bicycle riders often use these kinds of jerseys in sports, it can make him happy when you buy him one.

So what are you waiting for? If you are willing to present something to your best friend, then look for the best bicycle jersey online today!

Gets The Proper Custom Cycling Jersey

For a cyclist one of the most important wear is his/her shirt. If one cyclist has a comfortable jersey then, he/she must be benefited from this. Hence, a cyclist must know how to choose a cycling jersey. Before choosing any of the jersey, you have to aware about some factors that brings you the most suitable and comfortable jersey for you.

The main issue for a buyer when buying anything should be its quality. When you are going to pick a shirt, you must be focused on its comfortability even if you are not participating in any of the race. As your practice also depends on the comfortableness and quality of your jersey, one should surely be attentive and serious to stress upon the quality while making a purchase.

Bicycle Uniform

Bicycle Uniform

Remember only the best jersey can make you worthy of giving out the best results. Through a well-fixed jersey, you can make your practice more enjoyable and more productive and it no more seems like a burden to you. Definitely, it will be difficult for you to choose the best one when thousands of jerseys are in front of you.

When you are considering about cycling clothing make sure, that must be made of quality materials. The material must be a good absorbent of moisture, which can make the cyclist comfortable through out your cycling. Choose one of the fabrics that must be a good observant of moisture or sweat which make you comfortable through out the day.

Bicycle Jersey

Bicycle Jersey

Next, is your fitness. Whatever may be the comfortness or quality of the jersey that should properly fit to you? These kind of exercising jerseys are specially designed to fit closely. The jersey should properly allow movements while you are working out. It should properly fit to your skin. Not very lose or not so tight. You cannot be comfortable if it is too tight or you cannot do proper movements if it is loose fitting.

Cycling Clothing

Cycling Clothing

Biking clothes are generally made from fabrics. However, too tight fitting results a bad performance. Too tight clothing irritates your skin and makes you uncomfortable.

Cycling jerseys are made especially with a long back and the front is generally short. These are made in a way to feel you comfortable when you bent forward. Your backside of the jersey must be long enough so that it can fit to your body properly while you bent down.

You can get the Custom Bicycle Jerseys available at different online shops or customize your shirt according to your choice, which can result a greater output.