How to buy Bicycle Jersey as a gift

Buying present for birthdays, charismas can be tricky especially for your best friend, who is everything to you. Sometimes it is also possible that you run out of ideas. Hence, the best way to find the most appropriate gift for someone is to get to know the favorite sport he likes. So that you can purchase something related to that to make him happy.  If your friend is having interest toward cycling, better you buy him bicycle jersey as a gift.

The first important thing is to find out the jersey type. It is important to check whether the jersey could resist heat or not. Moreover, also find a stretchable material while making a selection. Jerseys have wide varieties of designs and colors and you can buy any of it either from online stores or any offline retails.

Custom Bicycle Jerseys

Once you confirm your choice, now you can make sure about the size. Unlike basketball jersey, bicycle jersey needs to be in perfect in size and should not be too loose. It is important because it avoids too much friction.

Cycling Clothing

So friend, this is the tip to find a perfect present for your best friend. If your friend is a sports person, often love cycling, then what else could be a perfect gift than a bicycle jersey! Well, nothing could more excite him than cycling jerseys. So go for it if you know, he will love it.

Bicycle Uniform

You can also personalize the jersey by placing name and his favorite number. It is best to customize the jersey using reflector zed paint for the name and number, so that he can use it at the night, and be safe on the road. You can even do various additional things to customize the jersey.

Bicycle Uniform

Once you have done with every bit of your customization. You can eventually wrap it with a gift-wrapping paper and present it to your friend on his birthday. This way, you can present a suitable gift to your friend.

Custom Cycling Jersey is most ideal choice as a gift item, if your friend, who you are presenting it, is a bicycle rider. Because many bicycle riders often use these kinds of jerseys in sports, it can make him happy when you buy him one.

So what are you waiting for? If you are willing to present something to your best friend, then look for the best bicycle jersey online today!


What Are The Advantages A Casual Cyclist Gets Over Custom Bicycle Jersey?

Generally custom bicycle jerseys make you perform better than any general cycling clothes. Cyclist always aims to increase the speed of cycling. So they go for customized clothing. Then what about the casual cyclists? Do they have any reasons to wear customized dresses? As performance is not any way matter for them, why should they need of custom made clothes?

I want to mention here, there are many additional benefits that a cyclist can gain by wearing a customized cycling jersey. Not only it increases the level of performance but also it makes you feel comfortable while riding the cycle. The two main advantages are comfort and fitting. A light weighted shirt or jersey can be more comfortable to you than any other heavy rough shirt. If you feel comfortable you will enjoy riding more. It is pleasurable for you to ride a long way if you feel relaxed and comfortable while riding. You definitely enjoy a comfortable and relaxing ride.

 Bicycle Jersey

The next is fitting issue. Custom bicycle jerseys fit to the body well. So there never occurs a situation of flapping your clothes in the wind. It is very well fitted to your body. So you never have to face any awkward situation like exposing your body in the air. Besides, it properly allows the movements of your body and you can feel very comfortable while you are doing cycling.

 Custom Bicycle Jersey

The most important advantage you get from these clothes is really excellent. The specially designed cloth keeps your body warm in cold weather. It vaporizes the moisture and makes your body cool so that you can enjoy a relaxing and more comfortable long way riding. The popular and professional cycling garments take care of all your needs and make the clothes in a way so that you can have a great many advantages while cycling. You can get the benefits in a variety of weather conditions.

 Cycling Clothing

It allows the air ventilation in a greater extend and allows air flow all around your body.

No doubt a custom cycling jersey is very much helpful for an enjoyable riding and makes the riding much more comfortable and provide far more enjoyable riding experience.  However, the most crucial advantage over these types of garments is protection against injury. It protects you physically in case of any accidents. The robust materials that are used in the jerseys are capable of protecting your body. However poor quality or general jerseys are not meant for this purpose.

Cycling Jersey, How Can It Help You?

Cycling jerseys are very much important for the cyclists those who wants to increase their performance level. It helps them to increase their speed and make their ride comfortable. Besides it gives a fashionable look and has become a necessity for the professional cyclists. It is the important part of what a rider will wear?

Before buying any of the bike shirts it is important to consider your needs and riding level. Depending upon these factors you should go for the shirt having specific functions. After all the expensive ones is not the right one. Finding the proper bicycling shirt is really worth what you pay for.

Custom Bicycle Jerseys

Before you buy a cycling jersey, you should have an idea about some of the factors like material, size and designs etc. which will help you to go for the best one. Let’s talk about the materials used in the jerseys. Polyester is the most popular choice of fabric. Usually jerseys are made from blend polyester, straight polyester or proprietary blend of polyester. These types of fabrics help in keeping moisture out of the body and keep the body of the rider cool.

Custom bicycling jerseys usually fits to your body properly so that the cyclist does not have the extra material dragging in the air providing resistance. A shirt which perfectly fits to your body helps the cyclist to perform better. However, there are different fits for casual cyclists that are a little looser.

These are all the information about the types of materials used about and the size of a shirt. Let’s have some information about the designs.

When you are choosing your cycling shirt, you will get a few designs. You can have bicycling jerseys come in short sleeve, long sleeve or in sleeveless. Even you can get some jerseys with long sleeves that have zippers allow you to remove the sleeves so that it can be used as a sleeveless jersey.

Cycling Clothing

The cycle jerseys have the pockets placed in the back of the shirt so that the items you carry won’t fall down while you ride your cycle. You can also get shirts with elastic pockets or pockets having zip so that you never have a fear of losing things either.

Some of the jerseys are designed with zips so that the riders have an option to open the zip whenever he/she desires and it allows ventilation. Jerseys are available with both full length zippers and partial length zippers. If you buy with full length zippers it would be easy to put on the shirt.  Cycling shirts have the same importance as the cycling gear has. Choosing the proper one can help you increase your performance and make you comfortable while riding.

Full Custom Bike Jerseys and Uniforms to Fit Your Exact Needs

Cycling is a great form of exercise! Today many people cycle to work, for leisure, to raise funds for charity, for environmental concerns, convenience and for just pure enjoyment – and of course, fitness and health. There are many reputable online sites, like JEK Sports, to purchase custom bike jerseys, shorts, bibs, arm and leg warmers, summer and winter jackets from. Cycling kits are available for pro teams, corporate teams, participants in charity rides, or just a bunch of friends who like to bike. Any type of cyclist is catered for.Cycling Uniform Gallery..

There are two ways to outfit your team:  Full custom cycling apparel or Semi custom cycling apparel.  Full custom means the design and manufacture of the jersey, shorts, bibs, jackets, arm & leg warmers etc is from scratch.  Whatever you can envisage, can be done. Full custom cycle gear gives you the freedom to express yourself and create a vibrant, impactful, bold cycling jersey or uniform for you and your team. Semi custom means that stock jerseys and other items are available where your logo or team name is dye-sublimated onto the front or back only. Semi custom is great for smaller teams and for quick turnaround.

Cycling Uniform Gallery.

For custom bike jerseys there are many fabric options to select from.  The most popular is the imported Regular fabric.  Also available is Pro fabric, as well as the environmentally friendly Bamboo fabric.  Regular and Pro fabrics are soft-feel 100% Poly with sweat wicking properties. The Bamboo fabric is a high quality poly/bamboo carbon Cycling Uniform Galleryblend which is super soft and prints extremely well. We use this poly/bamboo carbon blend because of its absorbency and comfort against the skin. We have chosen bamboo over cotton as cotton is one of the most intensely sprayed crops in the world, and cotton pesticides are the greatest crop contributor to volatile organic compounds in the environment. Cotton requires wide spacing to grow, allowing bare soil to oxidize in the sun, releasing carbon into the atmosphere, allowing rain to wash soil and chemicals into stream, and decreasing soil fertility. Cotton fabrics, including those made from organic cotton raw material and labeled “organic,” commonly go through a series of finishing processes involving synthetic resins, amylase enzyme, Kier boiling, detergents and alkaline solutions, and that’s not including bleaches and brighteners used to alter color and caustic soda used in mercerization. Bamboo, on the other hand, takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gasses as an equivalent stand of timber trees and releases 35% more oxygen. It needs no replanting, pesticides or fertilizers, and its roots retain water in the watershed, sustaining riverbanks and reducing water pollution.

Enjoy Wonderful Ride With Proper Cycling Clothing

It is all-important to wear proper cycling clothing whether you are a good cyclist or you just have a passion of cycling. If you are thinking cycling, wears are not looking good then it is surely not the case. It is both fashionable as well as protects you. There are some pieces of clothing, which are the basic for a cyclist.
Initially you may feel odd as you are accustomed to these types of clothes but it is obvious later on you will surely getting habituated to it and it is sure a change in your clothes will not effect to your performance at all. Choosing proper piece of clothes make you more relax while you are doing cycling. If you are doing cycling for long distance or you have a practice of doing it daily then buying bicycle jersey or jacket should be your primary aim.

All these protect you in various ways. The particular jacket prevents you being effective from sunrays. Look for a jacket, which is a lightweight and water resistant too. Along with jacket, a cap is also very much necessary for a cyclist. Some accessories like a cap, bike leg warmers, or in some case a knee heater you need to keep you safe in all types of weather. Next comes your helmet, which is very much essential for a cyclist. When you are cycling, the most important is you should wear a helmet for your safety purpose. And while choosing it do not be confused. Take your time and try to choose one, which are licensed by appropriate authorities.

Helmet is an important part. While buying it you should be more careful. Choose one, which fits your head properly. Properly try it while buying this one. Do not buy the one, which is too loose or too tight. Get one, which properly fits your head then only it can be comfortable for you. Wear the one, which is perfect from all aspects that mean see if any damage is on it and if it is having any defect then do not use that one. Buy a new one, which is perfect from all the ways. Helmets and all the other bicycle uniform do not cost more. You can get it a price, which you can afford for sure. So no need to worry about the cost. It will not much for you. However, important is to find out the proper clothes which suits you perfectly as well as look fashionable.

There are many websites, which are offering cycling clothing. You do not have to spend much time. Within some minutes, you can be capable of getting the proper clothes. So what do you think? Just browse and enjoy a wonderful bicycle riding.

Gets The Proper Custom Cycling Jersey

For a cyclist one of the most important wear is his/her shirt. If one cyclist has a comfortable jersey then, he/she must be benefited from this. Hence, a cyclist must know how to choose a cycling jersey. Before choosing any of the jersey, you have to aware about some factors that brings you the most suitable and comfortable jersey for you.

The main issue for a buyer when buying anything should be its quality. When you are going to pick a shirt, you must be focused on its comfortability even if you are not participating in any of the race. As your practice also depends on the comfortableness and quality of your jersey, one should surely be attentive and serious to stress upon the quality while making a purchase.

Bicycle Uniform

Bicycle Uniform

Remember only the best jersey can make you worthy of giving out the best results. Through a well-fixed jersey, you can make your practice more enjoyable and more productive and it no more seems like a burden to you. Definitely, it will be difficult for you to choose the best one when thousands of jerseys are in front of you.

When you are considering about cycling clothing make sure, that must be made of quality materials. The material must be a good absorbent of moisture, which can make the cyclist comfortable through out your cycling. Choose one of the fabrics that must be a good observant of moisture or sweat which make you comfortable through out the day.

Bicycle Jersey

Bicycle Jersey

Next, is your fitness. Whatever may be the comfortness or quality of the jersey that should properly fit to you? These kind of exercising jerseys are specially designed to fit closely. The jersey should properly allow movements while you are working out. It should properly fit to your skin. Not very lose or not so tight. You cannot be comfortable if it is too tight or you cannot do proper movements if it is loose fitting.

Cycling Clothing

Cycling Clothing

Biking clothes are generally made from fabrics. However, too tight fitting results a bad performance. Too tight clothing irritates your skin and makes you uncomfortable.

Cycling jerseys are made especially with a long back and the front is generally short. These are made in a way to feel you comfortable when you bent forward. Your backside of the jersey must be long enough so that it can fit to your body properly while you bent down.

You can get the Custom Bicycle Jerseys available at different online shops or customize your shirt according to your choice, which can result a greater output.

Printing And Fabrics For Custom Cycling Uniforms

Custom bicycle uniforms are made from a large range of fabrics. All printed panels have one thing in common; they have at a least 80% polyester content. For custom bicycle jerseys the fabric is normally 100% polyester and for custom bicycle shorts the fabric is normally 85% Polyester 15% Lycra.

Polyester is the fabric of choice as it is the only fabric that should be used for dyesublimation printing. This form of printing is perfect for cycling clothing as it is the only print process that can stand up to the riggors of cycling.Custom Cycling Jerseys

Dyesublimation printing will never crack or peal as the fabric is dyed and does not have the ink sit on the surface. This makes the print virtually indestructible and should last as long the bicycle clothing item. This form of printing can now be done via digital printers which allows for a large range of colors at no extra charge.

With regards to cycling clothing fabrics there are some additives that make the riding experience a little better. The first is moisture wicking: The transfer of moisture happens due to capillary action. This is called wicking, and the fabric used is called wicking materials. When moisture has moved from the skin into fabric and in some will move to the surface which will create a larger surface area and will make evaporation faster and more efficient.

Synthetic materials such as polyester and microfiber-based fabrics are good choices as they do not absorb moisture but may transfer it well. They can also carry specialist finishes, such as anti-bacterial agents which reduce odors.

With the trend to sustainable products the bicycle clothing industry has pushed for a more eco friendly fabric which is now available. This is a polyester bamboo.Custom Bicycle Jerseys

Bamboo takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gasses as an equivalent stand of timber trees and releases 35% more oxygen. Botanically categorized as a grass and not a tree, bamboo just might be the world’s most sustainable resource. It is the fastest growing grass and can shoot up a yard or more a day.

Bamboo reaches maturity quickly and is ready for harvesting in about 4 years. Bamboo does not require replanting after harvesting because its vast root network continually sprouts new shoots which almost zoom up while you watch them, pulling in sunlight and greenhouse gases and converting them to new green growth. And bamboo does this the natural way without the need for petroleum-guzzling tractors and poisonous pesticides and fertilizers.

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